We are proud to present ‘Public Life’, a group art exhibition where the boundaries between the private and public sphere blur, where the everyday life of the individual intersects with the collective experience of the community. Hosted in a venue with a rich history, this show brings together diverse works from some of our favourite artists around the world.

The venue, which began as an underground toilet in the early 20th century, transformed into an infamous underground London nightclub in the 2000s. Known as Public Life, this club was a haven for nocturnal party chasers at hours when no other place in London could welcome them.

One of the things we love about this venue is its raw, unpolished feel. Unlike the sterile, white-walled galleries you're used to, this space carries the gritty charm of its past lives. The echoes of its history linger in every corner, adding a layer of authenticity and character to the exhibition.

We wanted to honour the space and all the times it gave to the early hour dancers of London by naming the show after it. ‘Public Life’ offers artists a vast scope for creativity and opens the door to numerous interpretations. Despite the theme suggesting a public aspect, the styles and works you'll see are deeply personal to each artist.Come and explore a range of art styles, including painting, sculpture and photography, each telling its own unique story. "Public Life" is not just about viewing art; it's about starting conversations and connecting over the human experience in our shared spaces. Join us as we honour the past, celebrate the present, and imagine the future of our collective public life