By Carnade

Carnade 'Sleepwalker' (2021)


Artist: Carnade


Year: 2021

Material: Oil and acrylic on heavy weight paper

Edition: 1/1 Original

Notes: This artwork is sold unframed, the framed image is just for presentation purposes.

Delivery: All canvas/framed items being delivered, will have shipping invoiced separately.

About: Brazilian artist (Alex) Carnade has a powerful and evocative style, a result of extensive personal studies of various artistic movements including expressionism, as well as modern and classical styles.

His work elaborates on realistic foundations, migrating to vigorous brushstrokes and an intense use of fingers and spatulas, seeking to create a juxtaposition between delicacy and aggressiveness. Carnade allows himself to be carried away by his instinctive and visceral side, building his works in an explosion of feelings on paper, canvas and panels. It is here that his instruments (ranging from oil to paper waste) merge in the construction of humanoid-looking forms, each displaying some form of facial disfigurement - the mark of the artist's work. 

Coming from an environmental sciences background, Carnade is a specialist in climate change and nature conservation. His passion for this can be seen in some of his works. It is for this reason he often choses to work on recycled paper and materials.

In 2019, he had two of his works exhibited at the “Contemporary Exhibition of Visual Arts” in partnership with the Curitiba Biennial, the largest contemporary art event in southern Brazil.