We were so pleased to see the overwhelming support for BLOK's latest print, selling out within just minutes of release. 

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About The Print: Unlike his previous releases each of these is unique: 4 colour-ways (Yellow, Teal, Blue and White) each consisting of 15 images, each with hand finishing by the artist. Printed to the usual high standard of his previous prints but with something extra.

In this print BLOK reminds us that although we have many similarities, each of us is an individual, with unique physical characteristics, mannerisms and quirks. 

About The Artist: BLOK is a UK street artist known for his iconic and colourful style that is instantly recognisable. 

BLOK enjoys nothing more than "putting characters up on the streets to brighten days and piss people off." Despite being a street artist since 2013, he has only relatively recently transitioned to working on canvas and screen printing. Even so, his work has already found its way into the collections of a number of large and influential collectors around the world. Such is the demand for his work that his first print sold out in just 20 seconds.

We hugely value the care and attention to detail that BLOK puts into his work and are excited to see where he goes from here! For more information drop us a line.