Arlo Sinclair

Computer programmer turned artist. What happens when you mix coding, an 80s gaming addiction and fine art? Arlo’s oil paintings are a homage to the functional beauty of magneto-digital storage (and the data contained therein)… each with a light-hearted twist.

​Arlo's work ethic is second to none. His attention to detail is such that every painting includes subtle messages and clues that reveal the hidden meaning behind each. He will often spend days, carefully reworking ideas on paper before even picking up a paintbrush.

His own collection of floppy disks and storage media is huge. His obsession with these disks - the data they contain and what they say about their previous owners - is at the centre of his work. 

​Arlo's work has clearly struck a nerve, as his first two screenprint editions both sold out within a matter of minutes and his the waiting list for his originals is a who's-who of important collectors and the tech world. To buy 'geek art' at its finest, and for more details drop us a line.