I haven’t made up my mind yet, can I reserve an artwork?

Absolutely, to reserve an artwork, we ask for a refundable deposit of 50%, which can be paid by invoice. We will hold your reserved work for one month before you make your decision to go for it or not.

The print I want is out of stock, will you get more?

Although an edition might say is it made up of 100 prints, in rare circumstances the artist might not necessarily print all of them out at once, or we might just not have all of them at the gallery. In this situation we would list the print as being out of stock to avoid timing disappointment, so it is always worth dropping us an email or phone call to double check. Of course we do sell a large proportion of limited edition prints, so if they are confirmed as being out of stock, it means the edition has come to an end, and will not be sold again.

I’m an artist and would love to work with TOXIC, can I show you my work?

Yes, we are always looking out for talented artists. Please drop us an email with some pictures of your work, a link to your website/social media and why you want to work with us to We receive a high volume of submissions, so don’t be upset if we can’t get back to you right away.

I never received a confirmation email, did my order go through?

When we receive an order, you will get an automatic confirmation of your purchase. Because it is an automated email, sometimes it can end up in junk/spam folders, so have a look there too. If you still can’t find your confirmation email, drop us a line or give us a call and we can re-send one for you, just be sure to check with us that we have your correct email address first.

I am looking to sell some artwork that I bought from TOXIC previously/by artists TOXIC is interested in, do you buy individual works?

Unfortunately we don’t buy works on consignment, and stick to selling editions from our own artists. If you are looking to sell works, we recommend artnet or auction.

Can you ship framed works?

Yes and no… We can courier framed artworks within London, however outside of London we can’t ship framed artworks with Royal Mail as they are too fragile. However, we can ship framed artworks regardless of size/shape with our specialist art couriers for just these occasions! To ship framed artworks, we have to build a custom crate to protect the frame, and then we can ship internationally. To get a quote for shipping your framed artwork, just give us an email or give us a call and we can offer an approximate quote for shipping your frame.

What do you mean when you say a print is an A/P, P/P or Handfinished?

A/P stands for ‘Artist’s proof’ and is a small number of prints that are the first ones printed deemed good enough by the artist. Usually the number of A/Ps is about 5% of the size of the main edition, and this mini-edition can be numbered or not. The same goes for P/Ps, which stand for ‘printers proof’, which, as above, is the first few prints that the printer deems satisfactory. Usually A/Ps and P/Ps are not available for purchase until the main edition sells out, but this is not always the case across the board. Now, onto handfinishing. Essentially, it means that the artist has painted/drawn on top of a print. When we publish editions at TOXIC we sometimes release a small run of handfinished prints alongside the main edition, so you have to opportunity to purchase what is really an original work for a fraction of the price of what a conventional original work would usually be. Like A/Ps or P/Ps, there is only a very small number of handfinished editions available, so they really are incredibly special.

Will I receive a certificate of authenticity with my artwork?

Each time you purchase a limited edition TOXIC artwork, you will be issued with a unique certificate to authenticate and certify the artwork’s provenance. Each TOXIC C.O.A should display the artist and artwork name, and be signed and dated by a member of the TOXIC team. If the artwork purchased is one of an edition, the piece’s unique edition number will be displayed. If the artwork is an original piece, it should be indicated as such. Certificates of authenticity are very important to retain should you wish to re-sell the artwork in the future. If the piece is shipped direct to you, your C.O.A will be packed with the artwork. If you do not receive a C.O.A. please do not hesitate to get in contact via

How do I order?

As you browse our site, choose the art you love and click the button to add to your basket. You can then choose to continue browsing or checkout. Your basket can always be found at the top right of your page. Simply click and follow the instructions to checkout.

What forms of payment are available?

We accept: Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Visa Mastercard, Debit Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Paypal, Google Pay and Apple Pay

How can I track my order?

Our customer service team will keep you up to date via email, including sending out a shipping confirmation and tracking numbers.

What is TOXIC's returns policy?

If you are not satisfied with the goods or have changed your mind you have the right to cancel within seven days of the contract, or seven days of receipt of the goods (whichever is the longer), return the goods and receive either a full refund of your monies or replacement goods. Please send an e-mail to us before you return goods, telling us that you are returning the goods and why.However, this cancellation right does not apply if you purchase a bespoke artwork such as with a custom-made frame, a commission or is an exclusive print-on-demand timed-released print.Except in the case where goods are received damaged (and then only in accordance with the appropriate terms and conditions) returns will not be accepted from outside the United Kingdom for any reason.

I want to arrange framing myself, how accurate are your sizes?

Although we try to make the picture sizes on our website as accurate as possible, we always advise waiting until you receive your print before arranging any framing. Please do not give the sizes on our website to your framer, instead arrange for them to measure the print when it arrives. 

What is a Limited Edition or an Open Edition?

A limited edition artwork, is where only a set limited number are produced. The edition size tells you how many works were produced, this is typically featured on the artwork.

With an open edition there is no set limit to the number of reproductions produced and therefore no number is added to the artwork, however, it is possible for an open edition to only be produced for a set period of time, thus making it more collectable. 

I am looking for something not listed on your site?

If you are looking for something in particular by an artist listed on our site and can’t find it please message us at the bottom right of this page and include your contact details. We will do our best to locate the item and let you know if it is available.

How can I keep up to date with what’s going on at TOXIC?

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