TOXIC stems from sheer passion for contemporary art and was the 'brainchild' of a group of prominent art collectors to create a space for emerging artists that was fair, and helped support creatives in the business of selling art.

TOXIC was conceived as an online platform, so we don’t have to take huge commissions, and instead help artists enhance their practice without having to compromise their creative vision.

TOXIC strives to challenge and transform the traditional art business model by operating as an online platform with a nomadic physical presence. This allows us to reduce our costs and spend more on supporting our artists.

TOXIC was established to encourage collectors to be part of the next generation of empowering collectors, uplifting upcoming artists and supporting the more established on their continuing journey. Transitioning those fledgling artist into good/stable investment for our collectors.

Our founders commenced the launch of TOXIC with the representation of Arlo Sinclair.