Distributeur Arlo Sinclair

Arlo Sinclair 'Google: Yahoo It!' (2023) - SOLD OUT


Artist: Arlo Sinclair

Title: “Google: Yahoo It!”

Edition: 50

Medium: Screenprint - 10 layers of colour plus metallic paint

Paper: Somerset Tub Sized 410gsm

Size:  70cm x 72cm / 27.5in x 28.3in

Edges: Cut 

Signed / Dated: Front

Notes: This artwork is sold unframed, the framed image is just for presentation purposes.

Comes with Certificate Of Authenticity

Published by Toxic Arts Limited, 2022

Delivery: All canvas/framed items being delivered, will have shipping invoiced separately.

Arlo Sinclair has again partnered with the incredible team at K2 (Harland Miller, Stik, Opie etc) to create this iconic and beautiful print. 

Further details: Computer programmer turned artist. As one of the most exciting upcoming artists in the industry, each of Arlo's artworks has been eagerly anticipated by our collectors, especially after his recent consignment and sales with the world-renowned Opera Gallery.

Arlo's nostalgic retro images combined with his commentary on contemporary issues have earned him a reputation as an artist to watch. We believe that these new pieces are a superb example of the artist’s style and a testament to his talent and artistic vision.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, we invite you to take a look at the beauty and complexity of Arlo Sinclair's work. From his stunning original paintings to his limited edition prints, each piece is a true amazing.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to add a piece of Arlo Sinclair's artwork to your collection.

Message from the artist: “How do you get a forward slash on the keyboard?” The first time I used the internet was not an easy experience and involved me reading URLs from a book containing a number of ‘useful’ websites. These were all fairly basic but never less I was hooked.

Internet forums and online chat rooms were a gateway to a wider world. The way in which we interact with technology continues to evolve, and never has this been more important than in the way we interact with the internet. Access to the sum total of all human knowledge is all but useless without some to search and make sense of it all. Early internet search engines tried to do exactly that, however, it was a difficult task. In fact, I remember the first time I used the internet.

Google not only indexed the contents of websites but used their “backrub” algorithm to help create PageRank.

How does one catalogue the internet? Early search engines attempted to predict the relevancy of websites based on whether they contained a specific term. However, Google was able to design a system that not only checked if a website contained a search term but also checked how many other websites referenced that site to determine its credibility.

The thinking was simple: if lots of other websites link to one site, it’s more likely to be a credible source. The more ‘Backrubs’ the better. So was born a search engine that has transformed the modern world. We “google” things now.

The demise of Yahoo can show that one day Google might themselves be a distant memory.

This artwork is my homage to a company I respect for helping shape the modern world.


  • Opera Gallery
  • Eternity Gallery
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