Arlo Sinclair 'HotWheels: Rear Loader Beach Bomb' Print (2024) [Edition Closed]

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Edition Closed

Artist: Arlo Sinclair

Title: HotWheels - Rear-Loader Beach Bomb (2024)

Edition: Timed Limited edition - only available until 6pm UTC on 15th January 2024. The edition will be limited to the number sold in that time. Orders will shipped in late January 2024.

Medium: Fine Art Giclée Print on textured 285gsm Platinum Etching Paper


50.8 x 52.8 cm (20 x 20.79 inches)

Signed / Dated / Numbered: Front (note: these are signed/dated bottom right, and will be numbered bottom left).

Notes: This artwork is sold unframed, the framed image is just for presentation purposes. Orders will be shipped late January 2024.

Published by Toxic Arts Ltd, 2024


Once the cherished toys of children, now the unregulated hedge funds of grown men, where a tiny metal car can cost more than a house. In a delightful turn of economics, those miniature cars in your attic might just be your ticket to early retirement – if you can bear to part with them.

The Rear Loader Beach Bomb Hot Wheels car is exceptionally rare due to being a prototype that was rejected for its performance purposes. Created in 1969, this model featured surfboards loaded through the rear window, a design that caused instability during the track play.

This flaw led to a very limited number of these original models being produced, as the design was quickly revised for better stability. These few original, rear-loading models that exist today are coveted by collectors for their rarity and the unique story they represent in the Hot Wheels legacy.


About the Artist:

Arlo Sinclair (1980-present)
Arlo Sinclair is a computer programmer turned artist. What happens when you mix coding, a gaming addiction and fine art? His creations pay homage to the functional beauty of obsolete digital storage and retro pop culture… all while infusing each piece with a touch of playful irreverence.
A self-taught artist with a passion for both the creation and collection of art, Sinclair draws inspiration from his extensive assortment of outdated technology. In 2014 he began to envision the untold stories that each artefact might hold. He carefully incorporated subtle alterations into these relics, infusing them with commentary on contemporary themes.
For a number of years, his works have adorned the walls of computer enthusiasts worldwide, striking a chord with those who revelled in the nostalgia of bygone tech eras. However, recent years have witnessed the widening appeal of his art, attracting a far broader audience with its playful wit and insightful perspectives.
Sinclair's creative journey is heavily intertwined with the pop culture of the late 20th century, where the worlds of technology, retro toys, and art converge into a delightful symphony of nostalgia and modern reflection.
Artist’s Statement: 
The subjects of my work are hugely personal to me. Each is an object that could be found at the bottom of a drawer: abandoned but well-loved, and, by the nature of its construction: it’ll exist long after we’re gone. 
I find myself pondering what the digital archeologists of future civilisations will conclude about our society from the objects, and data, we leave behind. 
Each of my images depicts a piece that has been altered in some way, to perhaps say even more about us as a society. Be it explicitly or in hidden messages I am fascinated by the violence we allow our children to be exposed to in computer games, right through to the politics of the time, and the rise of the tech that ultimately may destroy us. But it’s not all fun and games: also it’s our humanity, our compassion, and our capacity for good. 
We are a big mix of many things, and I’m fascinated with what the objects we leave behind will say about us. So, like a digital footprint I’m leaving my mark on canvas for future generations to find.



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