经过 Arlo Sinclair

狮子王:爸爸发行 3.5 英寸 - 金



艺术家: Arlo Sinclair

尺寸: 100x100cm

年份: 2022


版本: 1/1 原版

关于艺术家:计算机程序员转为艺术家。当您混合编码、80 年代的游戏成瘾和美术时会发生什么? Arlo 的油画是对磁数字存储(以及其中包含的数据)的功能美的致敬……每幅都带有轻松的扭曲。




Veronika Simmering

The works explore the shapes, materials, and properties of bodies digitally. When does the computer-generated image feel soft, warm, or vulnerable? In infinite loops, the image tries to reach corporeality over and over again. At the same time, the stylized objects have a plastic-like, glossy look and create a tension between artificiality and physicality. This artificial world is the framework and starting point in which the question of bodily experience is to be explored. In my artistic practice, I examine the perception of digital experience and explore its limits. It's about the longing for closeness, intimacy, and feeling in an increasingly digitized world. As a result, the works also relate to our current situation, in which we experience

a massive change in our relationship with our own and the other body. Touch and closeness have become rarer, and our interactions are increasingly occurring virtually. At the same time, the works can be seen as a futuristic scenario in which our fleshly bodies have become obsolete, and their absence is mourned.


  • Solo, Wewerka Pavillon, Münster
  • Auction, Weserhalle, Berlin
  • Arc Gallery, Tresor West, Dortmund