Arlo Sinclair 'Binary Counting' (2022) - SOLD OUT


Artist: Arlo Sinclair

Title: Binary Counting

Edition: 100

Medium: Screenprint - 18 Colour Edition plus Copper Leaf (by hand)

Paper: Somerset Tub Sized 410gsm

Size:  70cm x 72cm / 27.5in x 28.3in

Edges: Cut 

Signed / Dated: Front 

Notes: This artwork is sold unframed, the framed image is just for presentation purposes.

Comes with Certificate Of Authenticity

Published by Toxic Arts Limited, 2022

Delivery: All canvas/framed items being delivered, will have shipping invoiced separately.

About Artist: Computer programmer turned artist. As one of the most exciting upcoming artists in the industry, each of Arlo's artworks has been eagerly anticipated by our collectors, especially after his recent consignment and sales with the world-renowned Opera Gallery.

Arlo's nostalgic retro images combined with his commentary on contemporary issues have earned him a reputation as an artist to watch. We believe that these new pieces are a superb example of the artist’s style and a testament to his talent and artistic vision.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, we invite you to take a look at the beauty and complexity of Arlo Sinclair's work. From his stunning original paintings to his limited edition prints, each piece is a true amazing.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to add a piece of Arlo Sinclair's artwork to your collection.

Further details: This artwork has taken months of work, with many tests rejected, and many many more cups of coffee consumed. 

Early on, the decision was taken to apply sheets of copper leaf to the metal slider on the image. This process presented a whole host of challenges, not least because copper leaf is often far harder to work with than other metals. Not only does this need to be applied by hand, but it also requires sealing to allow further printing, and prevent long-term corrosion (The Statue of Liberty wasn't always green). Since parts of this process are done by hand, it means each image is slightly different, and thus unique.

The process, involving a whopping 18 separate layers of colour, became far more involved than intended. However, we agree with the team that the extra work has been more than worth it! In person, it is a beautiful print to behold. 

Message from the artist: "The way we communicate with technology has changed dramatically since the early days of computer science: flipping switches, plugging wires into patch bays and even dealing with pieces of hole-punched cardboard. Yet now we see kids instructing their devices as if in an episode of Star Trek.

And this for me is the exquisite symmetry of technology. At the heart of any computer system is binary - the simple 1’s and 0’s that operate our processors. The almost infinite combinations of these form the basis of all modern computing. 

It’s a foundation of elegant simplicity. And layered on top of this is a deep complexity. Machine code, high-level, and object-oriented programming languages… everything that makes computers actually run. And above all? The desire to make them as easy to use as possible. 

From simplicity through complexity, and back to simplicity once again. It is in this symmetry that I find profound beauty.

One company that's done more than almost any other to forward naturalistic interaction with technology is Apple. 

This artwork is my homage to the finely-tuned balance that exists between the simplicity and complexity that underpins the modern world. And it is also a nod to a company I respect for helping bring about this balance."

Notable collaborations:

  • Opera Gallery
  • Eternity Gallery
  • 3 Sold Out print releases

Contact us: for any enquiries.

Caring for your Print

Listed below are a few suggestions to help you take good care of your new print!

Our prints are wrapped with care in acid-free tissue paper and shipped rolled to ensure their safe arrival. To maintain their impeccable condition, it is important to store your print flat until framing.

It is advisable to keep your artwork in a space with normal temperature to avoid any unfavourable effects caused by extreme temperatures or humidity. We recommend framing your print behind glass to shield it from any environmental hazards.

When selecting a frame, we suggest choosing one with Art Glass. This type of glass will protect your print from UV damage and help preserve its colour and quality for an extended period of time.